How to Glitter-Dip a Cup

With winter quickly approaching, coffee cups are this season’s hottest accessory. Regardless if you’re carrying a mug, tumbler, or plain old coffee cup, you can transform your plain old vessel for your favorite caffeinated beverage into a fabulous accessory with the help of some glitter and DIY skills.

-a cup
-painters’ tape
-a foam brush
-mod podge
-garbage can

Step One: Gather your materials in a well-ventilated room. Set newspaper down on your table to protect it from the  About two inches up from the base, wrap painters tape around your cup, being careful to smooth out air bubbles.

Step Two: Brush a light coat of mod podge below the line you have created with the painters tape, be sure to apply mod podge to the bottom of the cup. Hold your cup over the garbage can and lightly shake glitter over the mod podged area, being careful to not miss the garbage, otherwise you’ll have a glitter mess that will last for weeks.

Step Three: Without touching the glittered area, carefully remove the painters tape and set the cup down upside-down to dry. Be sure to remove the tape before the mod podge dries.

Step Four: Once the glitter and mod podge are completely dry, lightly brush of any loose glitter. Add a thin coat of mod podge over the glitter and set upside down to dry.

Step Five: Apply a second thin coat of mod podge and allow it to dry completely. Once the cup is dry, enjoy your favorite beverage! Be sure hand wash your cup.


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