Create a Watercolor Mug

Today marks the first snowfall of the season, and for me that marks the beginning of chai tea latte season. My favorite accessory for winter weather is a unique travel mug. I already made a tutorial on how to create a glittery mug, but for my friends who prefer a more subtle decoration, fear not. I have the tutorial for you: How to Watercolor a mug, inspired by Nicole on “Cute DIY Projects”.

Materials needed:

Rubbing alcohol

One plain coffee mug

One plastic bowl (deep enough to fit a mug)


Nail polish(es) in your desired color(s)

A toothpick


Step 1: Gather your materials and fill your plastic bowl with lukewarm water. Be sure to pick a bowl that you would not be heartbroken to see nail polish on.

Step 2: Rub down the exterior of your mug with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease or dirt.

Step 3: Pour a small amount of nail polish into the water. If desired at another color or two.

Step 4: Swirl with a toothpick to create your desired pattern.

Step 5: Dip your mug into the bowl of water and hold it there for several seconds to allow the nail polish to adhere to the mug.

Step 6: Allow the mug to dry overnight. Hand wash only and make sure to take extra care around the nail polished areas.

I chose to dip my clear mug into nail polish, but you can pick any colored mug and coordinating polish if you choose! Happy crafting!




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