Skin: Setting the Canvas

Hello friends!

So today, I wanted to take a moment to stop and talk about skincare. Now, if you’re anything like me, you were not blessed with the most beautiful skin. And hey, a couple blemishes are okay, we’re only human. But, my acne and uneven skin tone drive me insane. Through the years, I’ve developed a system to battle my stubborn skin.

  1. Exfoliate! I like to use a super inexpensive charcoal and black sugar polishing mask. I slather it on and let it sit for five-ish minutes. (It makes my face warm and tingly at first–don’t be alarmed if this happens to you! It means the mask is working.) Then I massage my face for a minute or so and rinse the mask off with warm water.
  2. Moisturize! I use CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for Normal to Oily Skin religiously.  I put about a dime-sized amount on my fingertips and apply the lotion in circular motions.
  3. Do not touch your face! This is something that I’ve become better at recently. When you touch your face, you bring oil and dirt directly in contact with your skin. Also, when you pick at your face, it takes longer for your pesky pimples to heal and can result in scarring. Yeesh!
  4. Always wash your makeup off before bed! Leaving foundation on your skin overnight clogs your pores which results in acne. Never ever leave your makeup on overnight!

I only use the charcoal mask once or twice a week. If I use it more than that, my skin becomes agitated. Happy skin = happy Hannah. I normally wash my face with Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser. How do you treat your skin? Let me know!




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