Calligraphy Basics for Beginners

I finally had a chance to sit down with Tyler, calligraphy extraordinaire, and she gave me a few pointers for beginners in calligraphy. Make sure you have the basic supplies and you’ll be ready to get started!

  1. Start by making short, sweeping vertical lines.
  2. Once you get the hang of lines, she suggests that you move on to simplistic letters, like i, l, and j. (Don’t be worried if you aren’t perfect–or decent–at this! It takes a long time master the art of calligraphy!)
  3. Feel free to move on to more complex letterforms, like a, q, p, d, b, m, n.

With calligraphy, practice makes perfect. There is no secret to perfecting it quickly. Tyler suggests practicing the complete alphabet several times and then taking a break. I suggest a nice cup of tea and a good movie to watch distract you while practicing.




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