A Short Background in Calligraphy

I have really focused this semester on my graphic design major. The origins of graphic design start with calligraphy. Calligraphy is the ancient art of hand lettering. It was once created with quills, but is now created with pens with detachable nibs. Calligraphy is used now mostly for special occasions, like awards, invitations and certificates.

Although many think that calligraphy is merely fancy handwriting, to calligraphers, it is an art form. I am in the beginning stages of learning calligraphy, so I am by no means an expert. Next week, calligraphy student Tyler Porier will be teaching us the basics of calligraphy.

In the meantime, take a look at the Speedball Calligraphy Kit. It is my favorite calligraphy set on the market.

I really like the three sizes of nibs (the metal part that you attach to the pen). I do not recommend purchasing calligraphy paper. I think that it is more effective to practice on plain paper, instead of spending money on fancy paper. If, however, you have money burning a hole in your pocket, the paper I suggest for learning calligraphy is the Bienfang Calligraphy Practice pad. It is relatively inexpensive and the grid really helps with letter formation.

Let me know what your favorite calligraphy set is and if you have any recommendations for calligraphy supplies! Check back next week for a Beginner’s Guide to Calligraphy



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